Installing Plugins

Obtaining your API Key

In order to install plugins, you will need to have an API key associated with your account. To obtain one, please follow the steps in this page.

Installing Plugins

Ango AI provides a centralized repository of plugins called the Directory. Anyone may upload to, and install plugins from the Directory.

The Plugin Directory is where you can find custom plugins created by other users, and add them to your own organization.

Unless specified otherwise, plugins in the Directory are not monitored by Ango AI. Run plugins added from the Directory at your own risk.

Click on Plugins from the top navbar, then on Organization Plugins. Click on Show Plugin Directory.

The Directory will open, listing all plugins that have been marked as "Public" and "Listed," as well as all "Listed" plugins from your own organization regardless of "Public" status:

Clicking on Add below a plugin will instantly add it to your own organization.

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