[WIP] Deploying your Plugin

This page is not yet complete, and it only contains a general outline of the deployment process. Thank you for your patience as the page is expanded with more details.

This page details the recommended way to deploy your Ango Hub Plugin to the cloud.

Deployment Example

For an example deployment, see this GitHub repository. It contains everything you need to know to get started:

Plugin Prerequisites

Your plugin's Connector field must be set to REST.

Deploying to Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Platform Prerequisites

  • Enable the Cloud Run API and the Artifact Registry API on GCP.

  • Configure Workload Identity Federation for GitHub.

  • Grant the following IAM permissions:

    • Cloud Run Admin

    • IAM Service Account User

    • Artifact Registry Admin

  • Ensure you have this env variable set this way:



1. Configure GitHub Actions

Once you have created your repository containing the plugin files, this file (.github/workflows/cloudrun-docket.yml) automates the deployment to Google Cloud Run. Replace PROJECT_ID, REPOSITORY, and REGION with your GCP project details.

2. Triggering Deployment

Whenever you push changes to the main branch, deployment is triggered.

Deploying to AWS App Runner

AWS Prerequisites


  • The .github/workflows/deploy-aws-apprunner.yml file in the sample repo automates the deployment to AWS App Runner. Ensure you replace AWS_REGION, ECR_REPOSITORY, and SERVICE with your own AWS details.

  • As with GCP, deployment to AWS App Runner is triggered by pushing changes to the main branch or manually via GitHub Actions.

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