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Frequently Asked Questions about Ango Hub

For more troubleshooting steps, please visit the pages under the "Troubleshooting" heading in the page list on the left.


What's a project?

How do I create a new project?

How do I delete a project?


How do I annotate audio?

How do I annotate images?

How do I annotate PDFs?

How do I annotate text?

What labeling tools are available in Ango Hub?

How can I view an object's "objectId" when selecting an annotation?

Can I use rotating bounding boxes in videos? Sadly this feature is not available yet. You may use polygons or segmentations as an alternative for now.


How do I review someone's labeling task?


I'm uploading assets with the File Explorer plugin, but I don't want to upload an asset if it's already been uploaded before. How can I do that? There is a parameter called "prevent_duplicates" in the Config JSON of the File Explorer plugin. Setting it to true will ensure duplicates are not uploaded.

Who can I contact if a plugin goes down? In the Plugin Directory, and in the plugin's Run Dialog, you can see the email of the person who created and maintains the plugin. It's in the bottom-right corner of the plugin's icon. You may contact them.


I'm experiencing poor performance of the tool. Where can I know more? Check out the Performance page.


What's an asset?

How do I import assets to label into Ango Hub?

What file types does Ango Hub support?

What's the difference between assets and annotations?

Do I have to convert PDFs to images before labeling? No. Ango Hub supports native PDF annotation.

Can I directly annotate data I have stored on cloud storage services? Yes. A full guide on how to do so is here.

Help! I tried to load files from a bucket but I can't open any of the files in the editor, it gives me a "Sorry, the data couldn't be loaded properly." Most likely, it's a CORS error. Please set the bucket's CORS policy correctly as outlined in this page and try opening the asset again. See this page for more information.

Importing and Exporting Assets and Annotations

How do I import existing annotations (pre-labels) to Ango Hub?

I get a "0 Tasks Labeled" alert when trying to upload pre-labels. Please see this page.


What happens when a task is sent back to the same stage? It's assigned to the same user who originally labeled/reviewed it in that stage, and marked for labeling/reviewing again.


How do I change my display name?


How can I see instructions without starting to label? From the Samples tab, click on Instructions.

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