Purging Data from Ango Hub

If you import data into Ango Hub by providing URLs to assets (e.g. by using public links, AWS, GCP, or Azure integrations), then the data is retained where it is and never moved, or copied to any other server. It is only cached onto the user's browser to display the asset in dashboards and during annotation.

If, however, you upload data from your local machine using drag and drop, your data will be uploaded to iMerit's secure AWS S3 private bucket located in Germany.

Purging Data Uploaded from Local Machine

If you wish to purge data uploaded using drag and drop, navigate to the project's Settings page and then to Danger Zone:

Click on Delete all assets of the project. All of the assets in your project, as well as tasks, will be deleted. The related files in iMerit's AWS S3 storage will be purged as well.

Deleting assets by using the Delete function in the Assets tab will not purge the related files in iMerit's AWS S3 storage.

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