Start is the point from which all tasks start.

When new assets are uploaded, depending on your settings for the Start stage, tasks are either held in Start (e.g., if you wish to pre-label them before sending them to a labeling task), or are immediately sent to the stage plugged into the output of Start.

The Start stage will show you a number of statistics related to your project, such as how many tasks are in your project and how many have and have not reached the Complete stage.


Auto Forward on Upload (default: on): When Auto Forward is toggled on, whenever new tasks are created, e.g. by uploading new assets, they are immediately sent to the stage connected to the output of Start. They are not held in start. By toggling it off, tasks will stay in the Start stage until you re-queue them to another stage.

If you have tasks (e.g. Task 1, Task 2, and Task 3) in the Start stage, then turn on Auto Forward, then upload more assets (Task 4, Task 5), all tasks in the Start stage will be forwarded to the next stage, including Task 1, 2, and 3, even though they were uploaded when Auto Forward was off.

Manual Forward: Clicking on Next Stage will send all tasks currently in the Start stage to the stage connected to the output of Start. If you wish to only forward tasks from a certain stage, you may do so by clicking on the search bar next to the button and by picking the stage(s) to forward from the dropdown. You may type to quickly search for batches.

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