Tasks in a Review stage will be shown to a user with at least review permissions (e.g. Reviewers, Leads, and Managers) when they click on Start Reviewing for reviewing.

Once a reviewer is assigned to review a task in a labeling stage, they will remain the assignee for that task for this stage even if, later, the task moves to other stages and then comes back to it.

So if someone reviewer a task, and then it gets sent back to the same review stage as a result of other workflow actions later, it will be reviewed by the same reviewer.


The Review stage has two outputs, one for each of the review options. If a reviewer, while reviewing, clicks on Accept, it is sent from the Accepted output. Alternatively, if the reviewer clicks on Reject, it is sent from the Rejected output.

This allows you to create workflows where, for example, you send rejected tasks to a second review, or back to labeling as shown in this previous section.


Read Only. By activating this toggle, reviewers will not be able to make changes to the annotations. They will only be able to click on Accept or Reject.

Review Assignment. By default, tasks in a Review stage are shown to any user with review permissions who clicks on Start Reviewing. To restrict tasks to specific reviewers, click on "Select Reviewer" and choose one or more users from the dropdown. This ensures that only the selected user(s) can review tasks in this stage.

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