Line (Tape Measure)

The Line feature allows you to create two-point lines in medical assets.

Creating a Line

In the medical labeling editor, click on the Line icon in the toolbar:

Click with the left mouse button on the asset wherever you would like to start the line. Then click again where you would like to end it.

To edit the line, click and drag on the editing points on the line.

As lines are 2D, they will only be viewable in the view where you have created them.

Assigning a Line to a Polyline-type Class

By default, lines are not assigned to any class. If you wish to assign a line to a Polyline class, after ensuring that at least one Polyline-type class (i.e. tool) has been added to the project, left click on the line to select it, then right-click anywhere on the line and click on the three dots.

Then, from the "Change Category" sub-menu, pick the class you'd like to change the line to. The line will be assigned to that class.

Adding a Description / Name to a Line

You may add a manual text description or name to a line by double clicking on its row on the left side, typing the name you wish, and press Enter.

Quickly Navigating to a Line

You may quickly navigate to the slice where a line was drawn by holding Ctrl and hovering with the mouse cursor over the line's row in the "Objects" panel on the left-hand side of the screen.

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