Overview of performing data labeling on Ango Hub.

Labeling is the main action performed on Ango Hub.

Annotators open the labeling editor, in which assets are shown. They then select labeling tools and place labels on assets. See all supported file types on Ango Hub.

How to start labeling

From the project’s dashboard, click on the Start Labeling button on the top right.

You will be shown the first available unlabeled asset in the labeling queue.

To annotate, select a labeling tool from the Tools section in the left sidebar, then place the label on the asset. If there are no tools in the Tools section, answer the questions in the Questions section. (More details on labeling tools.)

Once you have finished labeling (see here an overview of the labeling editor interface) click on Submit. You will be shown the next unlabeled asset in the queue.

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