Overview of projects and project management on Ango Hub

Organizations are the main way users are organized within Ango Hub.

In short, organizations are groups of users with access to the same projects and plugins.

Quick Facts About Organizations

  • All users are always part of at least one organization. It is not possible for a user to not be part of an organization.

  • You can belong to more than one organization at the same time.

  • Plugins are managed organization-wide. That is, if you have activated a plugin while you were part of Org A, the plugin is active for all users of Org A.

  • It is not possible to have a project shared between two organizations.

  • The only way to join an existing organization is through an invite sent by an administrator of the organization you wish to join.

Creating an Organization

When Signing Up

If you signed up to Ango Hub independently, without having received an invite from an existing user, you have created an organization with a name equal to what you wrote in the Company Name field during signup.

An organization with the same name as your company has been created for you automatically, and you have been added as its first and only user.

After Having Signed Up (From the Organization Switcher)

To create a new organization, click on the name of your organization at the top-right corner of the screen, then click on "New Organization".

You will be prompted to input the name of your new organization. Once you have entered it and clicked on OK, you will be switched to your new organization.

If you receive a warning that you are not able to create further organizations, it likely means you are on the free plan and have run out of organizations to create. Get in touch with our team to upgrade.

Via Invitation

If you signed up to Ango Hub via clicking on an email invite, you have automatically been added to the inviter's organization. No further action is required on your part.

If you are already signed up and logged into Ango Hub, and you receive an invitation to join an organization, you may click on the Hub notification or on the email link to join the new organization.

You will not be removed from your old organization.

Switching Organizations

If you are part of more than one organization, you may switch between your new and old organization through the Organization Switcher from the top-right corner of the screen, by clicking on your current organization, then on the name of the organization you'd like to switch to.

Users and Roles in Organizations

You can invite as many users to your organization as your plan allows.

Every user will have either the admin or the member role.

Organization-Level Roles

  • Admins can see all projects and all data within projects. Admins can also invite and remove users, and can change the organization- and project-level roles of all other users. Admins can also see organization-level statistics and plan usage.

  • Members can only see the projects they have been assigned to. In projects, they only see data according to the project-level role they have been assigned to. They cannot manage or invite other users, nor can they see plan usage and org-level statistics.

Inviting new users to your organization (Admin only)

Click on the Organization link in the top bar. You will be brought to your organization's dashboard. From this dashboard you can manage members of your organization.

Click on the red Invite Member button on the top right of the screen. In the dialog that pops up, enter the email of the member you'd like to invite, as well as the role you'd like them to take on. See more on roles here.

An email will be sent with an invitation link to the email you entered. Once the user you invited clicks on the link and signs up, they will appear as members in your organization.

If the user you are inviting is already signed up to Ango Hub, they will receive an email with a link to sign in to their profile and a notification allowing them to switch to your organization. Invitations sent this way have no expiration date.

If the user you are inviting is not already signed up to Ango Hub, they will receive an email with a link to sign up to Ango Hub. Once they signed up, they will receive a notification they will need to click to switch to your organization.

Managing Organization Users

From the Organization page, you can change a member's status, as well as remove them from the organization entirely from the three-dot menu on each members' row:

Removing Yourself from an Organization (Admin only)

At the present time, you can only remove yourself from an organization if you have admin privileges in the organization and you are not the owner (e.g. original creator) of the organization.

From the Organization page, click on the three dots next to your name and click on Remove From Organization.

If you remove yourself from your only organization, you will be automatically added to a new organization called Untitled Organization.

This is because it is not possible for a user not to be part of an organization.

Deleting an Organization

It is not currently possible to completely delete an organization.

As an organization administrator, however, you can remove all users from your organization, effectively sealing the organization off to anyone but yourself.

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