Overview of the Radio data classification tool in Ango Hub

The radio labeling tool allows you to ask labelers close-ended questions with one right answer.

In this case, users are asked the type of image shown. Clicking on another answer would deselect the current answer.

While there are no limits to the number of answers a radio tool can have, the tool is ideal for questions with a limited number of answers. For questions with more answers than that, you may consider using the single dropdown tool.

The Radio Labeling Tool in Ango Hub

How to add a Radio tool to your project

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Label Set section.

Click on Add Category. From the list that appears, click on Radio.

A new row will appear named Radio. Click on it to expand it.

Give your radio tool a title and description. From the Options text box, you can enter the answers. Press Enter after entering each one.

Enable the Required toggle if you want to force labelers to answer it. When the toggle is disabled, labelers will be able to save and move to the next asset without answering this question.

If you would like to ask labelers further questions, for example, if you want to show a further radio when labelers answer Top-down, click on Add Classification and add a further question. More on nested questions here.

Differences between Radio and Single Dropdown

The tool is functionally identical to the single dropdown, with the main difference being visual.

The major benefit of the radio tool over the dropdown tool is that it can be answered by a labeler with a single click, instead of the two required for dropdowns. The downside is that it cannot easily display large numbers of items. Here’s an example of how to ideally use radios and dropdowns:

When the number of possible answers is limited, we recommend choosing the Radio tool. For questions with a significant amount of more answers, the dropdown tool is preferable.

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