Magnetic Lasso

Magnetic Lasso allows you to quickly free-hand draw an accurate polygon around an area of interest.

The Magnetic Lasso allows you to free-draw a polygon quickly and accurately around an area.

Using the Magnetic Lasso

  1. Click on the Magnetic Lasso button in the toolbar:

  1. With the Magnetic Lasso tool selected, click on where you'd like to start your polygon. Then, without holding down the left mouse button, move the cursor around the general area where you'd like your polygon to wrap. Click the left mouse button to add anchors, and the right mouse button to remove the last anchor you have placed. When you are done, press "N" to close the polygon:

  1. Once the polygon is closed, change its category by right clicking on it, then from the three-dot menu pick "Change Category" and the right tool for your polygon:

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