Category Schema (Ontologies)

Setting up your labeling project's ontology on Ango Hub

A project’s category schema (also known as ontology) is the list of labeling tools available in the project.

Ango Hub allows project owners to set the project’s ontology directly from the Category Schema section of the Settings page.

The ontology created from this section is then reflected in the left sidebar of the labeling editor:

How to create a project ontology

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Label Set section.

Click on the Add Category button and choose the labeling tool to add. Each tool has a slightly different setup process. See here for a list of all labeling tools available in Ango Hub, and how to add them to your project.

For a guide on how to create nested classifications, see here.

How to copy a project's ontology to a new project

Please check this guide.

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