Managing Users in Projects

Overview of inviting, managing, and removing users from projects, as well as their roles

All users, in Ango Hub, belong to organizations, and have certain roles assigned to them.

Every user has two different role levels: an organization-level one and a project-level one.

This page is about project-level user roles. For organization-level user roles, and for more on organizations, check out the Organizations page.

Managing Users and Roles in Projects

Adding new members to a project

Once a member has joined your organization, they can be added to projects, in the role of annotator, reviewer, or manager.

To add new members to a project,

  1. Enter the project’s Settings tab

  2. Enter the Members section

  3. Click on the Add Member button.

  4. From the dialog that pops up, choose the member you wish to add, their role, and click on OK.

You cannot add to a project a user that is not part of the organization the project is in.


Project administrators can assign org members to one of three roles: labeler, reviewer, and manager.


A labeler can, in essence, only annotate data and open issues. Labelers can also view data related to their own performance within the project.

Labelers (or annotators) can access personalized versions of the following tabs:

  • Overview

  • Tasks

  • Samples

  • My Issues

The Overview shown to labelers is a simplified version of that shown to project administrators and reviewers, only containing data about the labeler’s own performance.

The Issues and Tasks tabs shown to labelers are also limited, only containing the issues and tasks the labeler logged in has created.

The following are the actions that labelers can perform in Ango Hub:

  • Create labels

  • Create, reply to, resolve, and delete issues on their own tasks

The following are the data that labelers can view in Ango Hub:

  • Their own performance from the Overview tab

  • Their own issues from the My Issues tab

  • Their own tasks from the Tasks tab

  • All samples created in the project from the Samples tab

  • Project instructions, task attachment, and task info


Reviewers are equal to Labelers, with the only difference being that they have access to the Start Reviewing button.


Leads are given significantly more permissions than labelers in Ango Hub.

The following are the tabs that leads can access in the projects where they are assigned:

  • Overview

  • Performance

  • Assets

  • Tasks

  • Samples

  • Issues

The level of information leads can see in the above tabs is the same as project administrators.

The following are the actions that leads can take within the platform:

  • Label

  • Review

  • Delete and add label tasks

  • Set benchmarks

  • Set samples

  • Rate tasks

  • Create, reply to, resolve, and delete issues

The following is the data viewable by leads:

  • All labeling data of all project members

  • All performance data of all project members

  • All assets

  • All tasks

  • All samples

  • All issues

The following is a sample of what a lead can see from the Overview tab:


Project managers are equal to project owners: they can access everything project owners can, with no differences.

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