Tasks is in the Label stage will be shown to any user in your project after they click on Start Labeling in the project dashboard for annotation.

Once a labeler is assigned to annotate a task in a labeling stage, they will remain the assignee for that task for this stage even if, later, the task moves to other stages and then comes back to it.

So if someone annotates a task, and then it gets sent back to the same labeling stage as a result of review later, it will be annotated by the same labeler.


The task is sent from the output to the next stage when the annotator clicks on Submit.


Labeling Assignment. By default, tasks in a Label stage will be presented for labeling to any annotator in your project. By clicking on Select Labelers and picking one or more labelers in your project from the dropdown, you can ensure that tasks in this stage will only be shown for labeling to the labeler(s) you picked.

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