Text (NER) Labeling Editor

Overview of the text labeling editor in Ango Hub

Ango Hub provides a labeling editor with which text files can be annotated.

This article will exclusively go over Ango Hub’s text (NER) labeling interface. Features common to all labeling editors (audio, image, PDF, and text) are instead explained here.

Top Bar

Click on the "Model Plugins" button to open a list of model-type plugins available in your organization.

If a default preset has been set for the plugin, the button will be clickable, and clicking on it once will run the plugin on the current asset with the default settings.

Clicking on the three dots next to the model name will open the Model Run Dialog, allowing you to customize the plugin's run settings and to run the plugin on the current asset with settings of your choice.

How to Annotate Text

From the Tools panel on the left sidebar, select an Entity labeling tool, marked with an underlined A. (If none are present, only answer the questions in the Questions panel.)

With the Entity tool selected, click and drag on text to highlight the text you’d like to label.

If the labels have nested questions, select a label by clicking on it, then right-click on each label and click on the menu item that appears to see and answer the nested questions.

If classification questions are present, you may answer them from the Questions panel on the left sidebar.

Quickly Jump to Annotation

To quickly jump to a specific annotation, hold the Ctrl button (on both Mac and PC) and hover over the annotation you'd like to jump to in the Objects list at the bottom left of the screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A full list of keyboard shortcuts is available by clicking on the Keyboard button on the right side of the top bar:

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