Set up a storage integration with Azure

You can create a secure integration between Ango Hub and an Azure Blob Container (a.k.a bucket), to annotate your assets stored in Azure without ever having them leave the container.

Read more on what storage integrations are and how they work here.

Set up the integration

  1. From your Azure dashboard, click on "Storage Accounts"

  1. Click on the storage account you'd like to link to Hub

  1. From the column on the left, click on "Access keys". Then, take note of the storage account name and of the "Key" under the "key1" heading. We will need them later.

  1. From the column on the left, click on "Overview". Then, take note of the "Location" string. We will need this later.

  1. From Ango Hub, click on the Organization link in the bar at the top, then enter the Storages tab. Click on the Add Storage button. A dialog will appear:

From the Provider dropdown, select Azure Blob Storage.

Unique Name: a name of your choosing to identify this storage integration. Account Name: the account name you took note of in step 3. Region: the location information you took note of in step 4. Account Key: the key you took note of in step 3.

Once you have entered all of the required information, click on OK. The integration has been created.

Ensure your Azure blob service CORS policy it set up to allow Ango Hub to display the assets. More information on setting up CORS can be found here.

You may now import assets from the private storage by providing their URL when importing them in a JSON. More information on uploading private assets can be found here.

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