Frame Interpolation

When annotating videos, Hub automatically linearly interpolates the position of certain labeling tools such that, instead of having to tweak the position of each label every frame, Hub can take on most of the work when performing object tracking workflows on videos.

Frame interpolation is available for all video file types and multi-frame DICOM assets.

How to Use Frame Interpolation

In a video or multi-page DICOM asset, once you have created an object, move forward some frames, then edit the label to its new position on the video. Ango Hub will automatically interpolate the position of the object in the frames where the label was not manually placed.

Interpolation is currently only available for the Bounding Box, Polygon, Segmentation, and Point labeling tools.

See the following diagram for more details on how interpolation works on Hub. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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