Overview on how to upload and view labeling instructions on Ango Hub.

Project owners and Managers can add labeling instructions, in PDF format.

These instructions are then available to see to anyone who can access the project, and are viewable directly from the labeling editor.

Uploading and Viewing Instructions on Ango Hub

How to upload instructions

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Instructions section. Click on the blue Upload Instructions button. You will be prompted to pick a PDF file from your system.

If instructions have already been uploaded, you can replace them by clicking on Upload Instructions.

Once uploaded, the instructions will appear under the Upload Instructions button.

How to view instructions

Managers, Reviewers, and Labelers

From the labeling editor, click on the Instructions button in the right sidebar. A panel showing the uploaded instructions will appear.

The buttons above the PDF allow you to zoom in, out, fit the PDF to screen, and to navigate between pages.

Labelers Only

From the Samples tab, click on Instructions.

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