If you do not provide your own OpenAI API key, the DALL-E plugin is currently subject to the following global rate limits throughout Ango Hub:

  • Images per Minute: 5

Please be mindful of the above global limits when running the plugin without providing your own key.

The DALL-E plugin allows you to generate assets for your project with a prompt you specify.

Using the Plugin

From the Plugin Directory, search for the the name of the plugin and install the plugin to your organization. More information on installing plugins can be found in the Installing Plugins page.

The name of the plugin is DALL-E. The plugin author is onur (at) imerit.net.


Navigate to the project where you'd like to generate the assets.

Enter the Settings tab, then the Plugins section.

Find the plugin, and click on Open. A dialog will appear:

Ensure the dot before the plugin's name is green. The dot indicates the plugin's status, where green signifies the plugin's code is running, and red signifies the plugin's code is not running.

You will not be able to run plugins the code of which isn't running.

Configuration JSON Settings

Default Configuration:

  "openai_api_key": "default",
  "model_name": "dall-e-2",
  "prompt": "",
  "num_images": 1,
  "image_size": "1024x1024"

openai_api_key: By default, the DALL-E plugin will use an OpenAI API key provided by iMerit, for testing purposes, limited to generating, globally, 5 images per minute. You may provide here your own OpenAI API key to remove these limits and utilize your own OpenAI API key.

model_name: When providing a custom OpenAI API key, you may indicate here the name of the model the API key is for. Currently, OpenAI provides dall-e-2 and dall-e-3.

Please ensure the OpenAI API key you provide belongs to the model you specify.

For example, providing an OpenAI API key for dall-e-2, and then selecting dall-e-3 as the model will cause the plugin not to work.

prompt: The prompt to pass to DALL-E for image generation. For example, A horse running up a hill.

num_images: The number of images DALL-E will generate and upload to your project. Minimum 1, maximum 5.

image_size: Resolution of the image to generate. Recommended: 512x512.

Running DALL-E

Click on Run. DALL-E will start generating the assets and will upload them to your project once they are ready.

You may check the plugin's progress from the Plugin Sessions dialog. More information on checking plugin progress here.

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