Batch Assignment

The Batch Assignment plugin allows you to add to batches all assets in your project.

You can tweak how the plugin assigns assets to batches from its configuration. By default, it will assign the first 100 tasks to a batch named Batch-01, then the second 100 to Batch-02, and so on. Batch size, name, and more can be tweaked from plugin settings.

Plugin Functionality

Adding the plugin to your organization will allow you, with one click, to assign to batches all assets in your project according to settings you set when running the plugin.

The plugin will process all assets in your project.

Currently, there is no way to only select specific assets as targets for the plugin.

Using the Plugin

From the Plugin Directory, search for the name of the plugin and add it to your organization. More information on installing plugins can be found in the Installing Plugins page.

The name of the plugin is Batch Assignment.


First, navigate to the project where you'd like to run the plugin.

Enter the Settings tab, then the Plugins section.

Find the plugin, and click on Open. A dialog will appear:

Ensure the dot before the plugin's name is green. The dot indicates the plugin's status, where green signifies the plugin's code is running, and red signifies the plugin's code is not running.

You will not be able to run plugins the code of which isn't running.

Tweak the settings in the Config JSON field and click on Run. The plugin will start assigning all of the assets in the project to batches according to the settings provided.

You may check the progress of the plugin from the Plugin Sessions dialog. More information on checking plugin progress here.

Plugin Configuration

From the Config JSON field, you may tweak the plugin's settings. Here are the settings available:

  • assignment_type

    • Sequential Adds assets to batches in the order specified in sort_assets. For example, with default settings, the first 100 assets will be assigned to Batch-01, then the second hundred to Batch-02, and so on.

    • Random Assets will be added to batches randomly.

  • batch_size Size of the batches.

  • sort_assets

    • Default assets are sorted the way they appear in the Assets tab.

    • external_id assets are sorted alphanumerically according to external ID.

    • asset_id assets are sorted alphanumerically according to asset ID (e.g. data URL).

  • batch_name_prefix Prefix for batch names.

  • batch_name_separator Separator between prefix and batch number.

  • batch_name_add_zeros When true, batch numbers will have the format Batch-01. When false, Batch-1.

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