[3.13.2] - 2024-04-18

New Features and Improvements

  • Project managers can now import multiple Markdown files as a single asset. Annotators and reviewers will be able to switch between them with navigation buttons. Read more in our docs.

  • Ango Hub now prevents users from creating a new plugin if they have not first created an API key from their Account page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where, in the Category Schema section of the project settings, labeling classes with long names would cause the class’s ‘delete’ button to move off of the screen.

  • Fixed a bug where, rarely, opening the Task Info panel on a Markdown asset would produce a blank page.

[3.13.1] - 2024-04-16

New Features and Improvements

  • The medical threshold tool UI has been updated. It now displays Hounsfield units and range values can be changed granularly by typing them in.

  • 3D Bounding Boxes are now available in the medical labeling editor. Read more in our docs.

  • A Data Probe is now displayed on the bottom left of the medical labeling editor, with information on the voxel currently being hovered on.

  • Project managers can now create multi-image single-page assets. With this new asset type, users can switch between different images while retaining the annotations present on screen. Read more in our docs.

  • The text on annotator-type logic stages has been updated for clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where, occasionally, the audio labeling editor’s screen would turn blank after hiding a number of audio entity annotations.

  • Fixed a bug where 0% benchmark scores would appear as “-” in the dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug where the Tasks -> Answer filter doesn't work.

  • Fixed a bug where the merge and subtract functions of the Segmentation tool would not work as expected.

[3.13.0] - 2024-04-03

New Features and Improvements

  • Benchmarks can now be fuzzy. For example, a project manager may mark more than one correct answer to a radio or dropdown classification. Read more in our docs.

  • In projects where benchmarking has been activated, the Tasks tab now shows each benchmark’s average score and the number of users who have annotated each benchmark.

  • In the labeling editor, pressing Ctrl + A will now select all objects in the asset (or all objects for the current frame in multi-frame assets).

  • In the Hold and Start stages, users can now type to search names of batches to forward to the next stage.

  • Task attachments can now contain arbitrary HTML. Read more in our docs.

  • Hiding or revealing objects with the keyboard shortcut “H” will no longer delete an annotation that is currently being drawn with the mouse cursor.

  • Answers to multiple classification questions no longer have a line running between the classification title and its options, improving readability in projects with large numbers of multiple classification answers.

  • The code powering the Segmentation tool has been substantially rewritten, leading to possible performance improvements in some scenarios and simplifying further development on the tool.

  • Idle duration and blur duration times can now be optionally included in the export.

  • The way total, idle, and blur durations are displayed in the Task Info panel has been improved.

  • Frames per second information in the Task Info view is now limited to two decimals.

  • The information panel regarding the transition to Export V3 has been removed from the Export tab.

  • When deleting assets from the Settings tab, files related to assets uploaded with drag-and-drop will also be purged from iMerit’s AWS private S3 storage. Read more in our docs.

  • OCR text can now be imported in the pre-labeling step for bounding box tools which have the Targeted OCR toggle activated. Read more in our docs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the “Set as Sample” button was visible for users with the Labeler and Reviewer role.

  • Fixed a bug where setting a task as benchmark from the labeling editor did not cause the task’s status to immediately be reflected in the UI of the labeling editor.

  • Fixed a bug where the consensus scores shown int the Tasks tab and in the Stage History panel would occasionally mismatch.

[3.12.0] - 2024-03-14

New Features and Improvements

  • Introducing benchmarks, also known as test questions or gold sets. With benchmarks, project managers will be able to measure the performance of annotators by having them annotate against known good tasks. Read more in our docs here.

  • The consensus calculation algorithm has been rewritten, now providing more intuitive consensus score results. Consensus projects created before Ango Hub 3.11 are not affected. Read more in our docs

  • The way tasks leave a consensus stage (i.e. adjudication) has been changed. Before this update, the consensus judgment that was sent was the one that was submitted last. Now, the task output from a Consensus stage is a composite task, combining all of the best consensus answers. Read more in our docs.

  • Added storage integration support for Azure. Read more in our docs.

  • The way metadata (e.g. frame count, frame rate, duration) is extracted for video assets has been updated to be more reliable.

  • Tools and classifications can no longer have single letters as shortcuts for quick selection. Existing classes and classifications with single letters as their shortcut will no longer be selectable with their keyboard shortcut. This was done to free up possible keyboard shortcuts for other functionality in the editor.

  • The description of an object can now be quickly changed by pressing “D” when the object is selected.

  • Task-level issues can now be opened by pressing “I” when no object is selected.

  • Object-level issues can now be opened by pressing “I” when an object is selected.

  • Polylines containing only two points can now be created.

  • AWS S3 private buckets can now be integrated by using IAM delegation, in addition to the previous method of creating a new IAM user for Ango Hub. Read more in the docs.

  • The brush tool in the radiology tool can now be spherical by changing its type to “3D” from the brush settings.

  • The opening and closing smoothing types have been added to the medical labeling editor.

  • The medical brush tool can now be used within a threshold region you specify. Open the threshold tool while the brush is active and the brush will only paint in areas defined by the threshold.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Hub would not warn users of unsaved changes on exit if the only modification was a change in annotation layering.

  • Fixed a bug where disabling interpolation of a rich text classification in video tasks could lead to a crash.

  • Fixed a bug where disabling interpolation of a text classification in video tasks did not correctly reset the classification.

  • Fixed a bug where disabling interpolation of a tree dropdown classification in video tasks did not correctly reset the classification.

  • Fixed a visual bug where, in the Overview tab, the auto-forward status of the Start stage was not always reflected accurately.

  • Fixed a bug where, in rare cases, vertical videos would appear stretched horizontally in the video labeling editor.

[3.11.0] - 2024-02-13

New Features and Improvements

  • Now, consensus stages work in parallel, such that when a task is sent to a Consensus stage, it is sent simultaneously to all judgment sub-stages, rather than sequentially. Existing consensus projects are not affected. Read more in our docs here.

  • When reviewing a task after a Consensus stage, for classifications, reviewers are able to see all of the answers given in all judgments to the classification with a single click.

  • Annotations may now be moved to the front or to the back of other annotations. Read more in our docs.

  • Introducing Island Tools for the radiology editor. You can now quickly keep, delete, and manage islands of voxels in medical assets. Read more in our docs.

  • You can now upload pre-labels while importing assets, with a single JSON, removing the need to first import the assets and then import the annotations. Read more in our docs here.

  • Threshold can now optionally be applied exclusively in areas where segmentations are already present.

  • The stage history of tasks can now optionally be deleted while re-queuing.

  • Plugins will keep running even if the plugin developer changes their API key while the plugin is live.

  • If no brush is selected, the “Apply” button on Threshold and other related tools is now disabled.

  • Plugin logs in the “Plugin Sessions” view now display tabulation and new line characters.

  • Added the Shift + Z and Shift + C keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump to the first and last frame of a video.

  • The window options presets in the medical labeling editor have been changed to conform to those of 3D Slicer.

  • The message returned by the SDK when attempting to upload annotations for assets not in the Start stage has been improved for clarity.

  • Videos can now be scrubbed from the playback timeline while the video is playing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the logic sanity validation would give a warning if, in the “Annotation Type” logic, the class name was empty

  • Fixed a bug where project managers who were not organization admins could not upload pre-labels.

  • Fixed a bug where, occasionally, NRRD files could not be saved if they had previously had overlapping annotations.

  • Fixed a bug where in the video editor annotation timeline, classifications may visually appear as relations.

  • Fixed a bug where exports of video tasks may contain duplicate annotations.

  • Fixed a bug where the video annotation editor would crash on open if it was opened with annotations created with a now-deleted class.

[3.10.0] - 2024-01-03

New Features and Improvements

  • Connection lines between stages in workflows have the color of the stage the line is emanating from.

  • Tasks can now be filtered by “Assignee History” and “Stage History”. This will allow you to get a list of all tasks that had, at some point, been assigned to a particular user or went through a particular stage.

  • When clicking on “Select All” in the Tasks tab, you may now choose to select all tasks matching the current filter, rather than only the ones visible on screen.

  • Notifications can now be filtered by type from the notification dialog.

  • If a project changed in such a way that it would break a logical condition, the affected logic stage will show a warning detailing what needs to be done to fix the error.

  • Targeted OCR is now available for the Rotated Bounding Box tool.

  • NRRD compatibility has been improved.

  • Added a confirmation dialog when trying to delete all annotations from a class in the radiology labeling editor.

  • Added support for the Matroska (.mkv) video container format.

  • Added support for videos with non-square (1:1) pixels.

  • Project managers can now mark individual validation errors as blockers for submission or not. The “Prevent Submission” project-wide toggle has been deprecated. By default, all validation code created before this update will emit blocking errors. Read more in our docs on how to adapt your project to this update.

  • Video editor timeline rows can now be collapsed by class

  • Added a link to documentation in the Label Validation section of the settings.

Bug Fixes

  • [Radiology Editor] Fixed a bug where panning did not work when windowing options were selected.

  • Fixed a bug where NRRD files with external IDs containing spaces would occasionally fail to load annotations.

  • Fixed a bug where some annotations in NRRD files would not display in the export.

  • [Video Editor] Fixed a bug where, when changing an annotation’s class, some keyframes were not updated.

  • Fixed a bug where the nudge tool would not work as expected with sizes below 3px.

[3.9.0] - 2023-12-08

New Features and Improvements

  • Workflow logic stage conditions are now shown visually on the stage itself.

  • A new stage type, "Hold", is now available in workflows. Read more in our docs.

  • You may now quickly search and filter plugins by their title, description, author, and type wherever plugins are listed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the radiology labeling editor where quickly switching between tasks of different dimensions could cause the cache not to be fully cleared.

[3.8.1] - 2023-11-17

New Features and Improvements

  • The video labeling editor's buffering and metadata extraction processes have been improved for large files.

  • Added Pen Mode to the Brush tool, enabling brush traces to be drawn by their border. Read more in our docs.

  • Named keypoints are now available in the medical labeling editor. Add keypoints anywhere in 3D space and name them. Read more in our docs.

  • Answers of multiple classifications now show a numerical index next to their title, enabling easy identification of answers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where cloning unknown relations in multi-page assets could cause a crash.

[3.8.0] - 2023-11-02

New Features

  • Plugins can be made private to only selected organizations.

  • Issues in multi-page assets may span more than one page.

  • Introducing Dynamic Consensus. Consensus stages marked as dynamic are only activated when the task does not meet the threshold in the other stages.

  • In consensus stages with shuffle enabled, submitted tasks will be sent to the labeling or plugin stage with the least number of tasks.

  • A progress bar is shown when large image files are loading.

  • Hub now shows a warning if there are unconnected workflow stages.

  • The text labeling editor has been re-written from scratch, including performance improvements allowing users to smoothly navigate multi-megabyte text files with hundreds of annotations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Markdown files would show with the wrong formatting.

  • Fixed a bug with label validation.

  • Fixed a bug where some Nifti files were not displayed correctly.

[3.7.0] - 2023-10-18

New Features

  • Segmentations can now overlap in the radiology tool.

  • Logical operations such as add, subtract, invert, and more can be performed on segmentations in the radiology tool. Read our docs for more on logical operators.

  • The 3D view in the radiology editor can now be panned.

  • You can now obtain your export in a private storage bucket of your choice. Read more in our docs.

  • Segmentations and polygons can be fine-tuned with the new Nudge tool. Read about it in our docs.

  • Performance improvements in the audio and text labeling editors for large file sizes.

  • The text labeling editor now shows class names on hover.

  • You can now jump to the location of objects where object-level issues were created in PDFs.

  • Added support for magnetic lasso in the video and ultrasound labeling editors.

  • Added spellchecking for free text classifications inputs.

  • The "interpolation stop" shortcut has been changed from S to T. You can now save your progress in the asset by using the shortcut "S". See our docs for a list of all shortcuts in Hub.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing plugin presets from being saved correctly.

[3.6.0] - 2023-09-14

New Features:

  • Introducing an all-new video and DICOM ultrasound editor with a timeline view of all your annotation. Read more in our docs.

  • Segmentations are now interpolated in video labeling tasks.

  • Issues can be opened at the object level.

  • Issues can now have custom error codes. Read more in our docs.

  • Notifications can now be muted.

  • Asset metadata is now automatically extracted from files when they are first opened in the labeling editor.

  • Project issues can now be exported as a JSON.

  • The export V3 format is now made the default. Export V2 has been deprecated. Read more about Export V3 in our docs.

  • The performance of segmentation actions such as erase, merge, and subtract has been drastically improved.

  • The project overview data normally only shown in the project dashboard can be downloaded with the SDK.

  • All annotations in a task can now be hidden and revealed at once with Shift+H.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the segmentation eraser tool would cause the entire segmentation to shift.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong user role would be shown in the Organization page.

  • Fixed an issue preventing batches from being filtered during export.

[3.5.0] - 2023-08-24

  • Introducing contextData, a way to attach additional data to assets which will appear in the final export. Read more about contextData.

  • Asset colors can now be inverted from Quick Settings.

  • Segmentation points can now be hidden from Quick Settings. This improves performance in segmentation-heavy projects.

  • With Shuffle, Labeling tasks can now be automatically distributed among consensus stages, eliminating bottlenecks. Read more about Shuffle

  • With Auto Assign, you can prevent the same annotator from labeling the same task twice in consensus stages. Read more about Auto Assign.

  • Project overviews now include a consensus distribution dashboard.

  • Annotators can now access a list of all keyboard shortcuts directly from the editor.

[3.4.0] - 2023-06-23

  • Hub can now detect when annotators and reviewers are idle. Read the docs to learn more.

  • The 3D view in the medical editor can now be updated through a new refresh button without having its position reset.

  • The medical smoothing tool allows you to smooth out annotations created with a brush tool you specify. Read the docs to learn more.

  • Performance optimizations when loading assets from private storages.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements for the medical editor.

[3.3.0] - 2023-06-14

  • Segmentation Tool: The Segmentation tool has been completely rethought. It now allows for merging and subtraction of segmentations, allowing for mutually exclusive segmentations and other often-requested features. Read the docs to learn more.

  • Stage History Export: Added the ability to export the entire stage history of tasks, including annotations as submitted at the end of each stage. Read the docs to learn more.

  • Plugin Presets: You can now create presets to quickly set all settings of a plugin in a project. Read the docs to learn more.

  • Issues for Radiology Tool: Issues can now be opened on specific spots and areas of NIFTI and NRRD assets.

  • Unknown Stages: If you have tasks in an unknown stage as a result of deleting a stage with tasks in it, Hub now warns you from the Workflow tab and offers to re-queue them.

  • Submit Popup: Submitting a task with Enter now causes a confirmation popup to appear, preventing accidental submissions.

  • Various security-oriented updates.

[3.2.0] - 2023-06-01

  • The current frame's data URL can now be viewed in the Task Info panel when annotating multi-page assets.

  • Improved NRRD support by adding support for further medical modalities. In practice, this will result in Ango Hub displaying as intended a few NRRD files which were previously being displayed incorrectly.

[3.1.0] - 2023-05-21

  • Classification classes can now be marked as being "multiple". Multiple classifications can be answered more than once. More in our docs.

  • A Consensus stage has been added to the Workflow tab, allowing you to present the same asset to multiple annotators. The task can then be sent to review according to the level of agreement between annotators in classes of your choice. More in our docs.

[3.0.0] - 2023-05-01

  • The 3D medical labeling editor is now available. Upload a NIFTI or NRRD asset and use the Medical Brush tool to annotate it and see the labels in 3D. Learn more in our documentation.

  • Custom Workflows are now available, allowing you to set up a custom data labeling pipeline ranging from simple single-stage labeling tasks to intricate multi-stage processes involving reviews, webhooks, plugins, logical gates, random sampling, and more. Learn more in our documentation.

  • You can now add users to projects in the Lead role. Leads can access everything in the project they are assigned to except for the Project Settings tab.

  • The labeling editor interface has been refreshed. Submit buttons are now in the top-right, and more space has been given to the asset.

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