Importing Reference Medical Data During Asset Import

You may upload reference medical data (.nrrd, .nifti) which users will be able to switch to during annotation.

How to Import Reference Medical Data

Prepare a JSON like the following, where the URL in the data property points to the main medical asset to annotate, and the URLs in the overlay list point to the assets to use as reference. The order of the URLs will determine the order in which references will be presented to the annotator in the dropdown.

The following JSON will import one asset with three references:

    "data": "",
    "overlay": [
    "externalId": "patient-study"

From your project dashboard, go to the Assets tab and click on Add Data. Then, enter the Cloud Storage section and drag and drop your JSON on the file upload field. Then, press on Upload. Your multi-image asset(s) will be uploaded.

If your assets are located in a private storage, please ensure you select the correct storage from the Storage Method dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen.

Assets uploaded this way will have a dropdown, allowing annotators to navigate between the volumes in the dataset.

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