Issue Error Codes

Reviewers may assign error codes to tasks they review. This way, instead of writing a issue by hand, they can affix a pre-built error code detailing the nature of the problem with the task. (e.g. Slightly incorrect, Very Incorrect, Missing, etc.)

Setting Up Error Codes

To set up error codes in your project, navigate to Settings -> General and enable the toggle next to Error Codes:

Error codes can be part of three categories: Wrong, Missing, on Unqualified. There is no functional difference between the categories beyond their cosmetic name.

It is currently not possible to customize the names of the categories.

To create an error code, type the name of the error code in one of the three categories, then press Enter. There is no limit to how many error codes a category may contain. Press Save at the bottom of the page to save your error codes.

Assigning Error Codes during Review

There are currently two ways to assign error codes to assets: through issues or when rejecting a task during review.

Error Codes on Issues

During review, or any other stage and role in which issues can be placed, click on the "issue" icon in the top right and click on the asset where you'd like to place the issue, then pick the error code category and an error code:

Write your issue and press the Enter key in the + Create Issue box to finalize your issue.

Alternatively, you may create issues directly on objects and assign error codes that way:

Error Codes on Rejection

When in a review stage, click on the Reject button at the top right to mark the task as rejected. If the task contains no issues, a popup will appear:

Pick a category and an error code as shown in the previous section and click on Open Issue & Reject.

Is it currently not possible to add error codes to issues created from the Issues panel on the right of the screen.

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