Add multiple users to a project

  1. Gather the email addresses of the users you would like to add to your project.

  2. Create a single text file formatted like so, where all emails are on a single line and separated by commas, without spaces:,,,,,
  1. Select the entire text (for example with Ctrl/⌘ + A) and copy it to your clipboard with Ctrl/⌘ + C.

  2. Go to the project where you'd like to add the users, then navigate to Settings -> Members and click on Invite to Project.

  1. The Invite User dialog will appear. In the field named User Email, paste (Ctrl/⌘ + V) the list of emails you have just copied to your clipboard. Hub will automatically recognize the emails and separate them:

  1. From the Select Role dropdown, pick a role for the users you are adding.

  2. Click on OK.

Emails will be sent to all users you have invited.

If the user was already a user of Ango Hub, they will also receive a notification. They can click on the notification to quickly switch to the new organization, and they will have access to your project.

If the user invited was not signed up to Ango Hub, they will receive a registration email. Once registered, they will receive a notification. Clicking on it will allow them to see your organization and project.

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