Download your annotations in the COCO, KITTI, or YOLO format

  1. Navigate to the Plugins page

  2. Click on Show Plugin Directory

  1. Depending on the format you need, click on the Add button under the converter plugin that coincides with the format. For example, if you need the COCO format, click Add under the Ango to COCO Converter plugin to add it to your project.

If Hub warns you that you need an API key to add a plugin to your organization, navigate to your Account page, then to the API tab and click on Create New Key. Once you've created the new key, go back to the Plugin Directory and you will be able to add the desired plugin to your organization.

  1. Navigate to the project where you'd like to get the export, then go to its Settings tab.

  2. From the Plugins section, click Open on the plugin we've just installed. A dialog will pop up:

  1. Tweak the settings in the Config JSON text area to your liking, then press on Run. You will receive a notification with a link to your converted export.

If the Run button is not available, it means the plugin is offline. Plugin availability is on a best-effort basis. If a plugin you need is currently offline, please email us at info [at] and we will help.

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