Single Relation

Overview of the Single Relation relational data classification tool in Ango Hub

The Single Relation labeling tool allows you to create a relation between two annotations.

Single relations are not visible unless the user is hovering over them with the mouse cursor.

How to add a Single Relation tool to your project

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Label Set section.

Click on Add Category. From the list that appears, click on Single Relation.

A new row will appear named Single Relation. Click on it to expand it.

Give your single relation tool a title and description.

Enable the Required toggle if you want to force labelers to create a single relation for each asset. When the toggle is disabled, labelers will be able to save and move to the next asset without creating the single relation.

How to Draw a Single Relation

Click on the label where you’d like the single relation to start. Click on the second label where you’d like the relation to end. Press N on your keyboard to finalize the relation.

Single Relation Directions

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