Group Relation

Overview of the Group Relation relational data classification tool in Ango Hub

The Group Relation labeling tool allows you to create a relation between two or more annotations.

How to add a Group Relation tool to your project

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Label Set section.

Click on Add Category. From the list that appears, click on Group.

A new row will appear named Group. Click on it to expand it.

Give your group relation tool a title and description.

Enable the Required toggle if you want to force labelers to create a group relation for each asset. When the toggle is disabled, labelers will be able to save and move to the next asset without creating the single relation.

How to Draw a Single Relation

There are two ways to add a group relation in Hub.

  1. Click on the first label to include in the group relation. Then, shift-click on all other annotations you wish to include. Right-click on any one of them, and select your group relation under the Grouping menu item:

  1. Click on any one of the Group Relation tools you have created from the Tools section on the left of the screen. Then, left-click on all annotations you wish to include. Press "N" on your keyboard when you are done to close the group relation.

If you wish to add an annotation to more than one group relation:

  1. Hide the relation it is currently part of by pressing "H" on your keyboard.

  2. Add the annotation to the second group relation.

  3. Press "Shift + H" to unhide all relations.

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