Overview of the Point labeling tool in Ango Hub

The point labeling tool allows annotators to place a point on an object or point of interest in an image.

The Point Labeling tool in Ango Hub

How to add a Point tool to your project

From the project’s Settings tab, enter the Label Set section.

Click on Add Category. From the list that appears, click on Point.

A new row will appear named Point. Click on it to expand it.

Give your point tool a title.

Enable the Required toggle if you want to force labelers to create a point. When the toggle is disabled, labelers will be able to save and move to the next asset without creating a point label on the asset.

If you would like to ask labelers further questions, for example, if you want to show a further radio after drawing the point, click on Add Classification and add a further question. More on nested questions here.

How to Place a Point

Select the Point tool from the Tools section on the left sidebar.

Click on the image where you’d like the point to be.

You may change the position of the point by clicking to select it, then dragging it.

Point Snapping

While drawing a point, if you press E, Hub will highlight the points of other polygons, polylines, and points. By clicking on the other object's points, you can snap your current point to one of them:

By snapping at least two points to the existing polygon and holding Alt (⌥ on macOS) + clicking, you can quickly anchor a series of points to the existing object, as shown in the GIF above.

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